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About Our Online Writing Courses

We’ve been offering writing classes online since 1995 to all kinds of students. Whether you’re completely new to the Internet (back then, everyone was) or more experienced learning online, our writing courses will be a great fit for you.

Online Course Platform

We offer our classes through an online course platform called Wet Ink. It’s designed to be simple and usable for people without a technical background. You’ll be sent instructions for joining your class in Wet Ink on the day it begins.

Weekly Assignments

Most classes are structured around weekly assignments: once each week, the teacher emails or posts a lecture to the list that includes a writing assignment, and the students complete the assignment and send it to the list. This means that the teacher and all students in the class see all completed assignments.

The instructor writes his or her feedback on the assignment and sends it back to the list, and students are encouraged to offer feedback on each others’ work.

Additionally, some classes are set up as workshops, and are organized around feedback on student manuscripts.

There are no specific times that you must be online. This allows you to work on the class material at your convenience: it’s the ideal way to take a class.

Class Discussion and Connection

The list also hosts class discussions about lessons, assignments, and writing in general. The more interaction among students, the more valuable and enjoyable the class. We offer guidelines to keep dialogue supportive and beneficial, and no negative or abusive behavior is allowed.

Writing can be a lonely pursuit, and it’s often difficult for writers to make contact with each other. Part of our reason for being here is to change that. We encourage class members to develop ongoing correspondence in which they can share their work. Often a sense of community forms, and some groups have continued to work together long after the class is over.

With the odd “anonymous intimacy” of the Internet, it’s easier to take chances in your writing, and to be honest and thoughtful in your criticism of others’ writing. First-time students in our online writing courses are often surprised how much they learn, and how much they enjoy the experience.

If you have further questions, browse the FAQ.