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If you want an interactive approach to your online boating education, ilearntoboat Oregon has just the course for you. Developed by boating experts, you can be sure that you will be learning what you need to know to be a safe boater. Using a completely interactive format, you will experience what it is like to boat on the water as you work to solve the Mystery of Kalkomey Isle. While encountering real-life situations, you will control the action as you practice making safe boating decisions. Additional key boating concepts are taught in games included throughout the course. Do you want to find out more about the Mysterious Kalkomey Isle? Visit ilearntoboat Oregon today to take this interactive course.

Also, ilearntoboat's friendly U.S.–based customer service pros can answer any question—fast! Visit ilearntoboat Oregon today and discover the ilearntoboat advantage. 

After signing up for the course, you have 60 days to complete the course materials and test.

If you pass the course, you will be charged automatically for your Oregon Boater's Education Card ($20). ilearntoboat will send the Marine Board your payment for the card and your information. You should receive your boater's education card within 2-3 weeks from the date you passed and paid for the course. Please don't forget to print your Certificate of Completion as this will act as a temporary boater's education card.

Address all technical questions regarding the test and/or certificate to ilearntoboat using the “contact us" on their website. 


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