Oregon | Top 100 Golf Courses

The famous quote: “Go West, Young Man!” dates back to the 1850s and promoted the expansion westward at an exciting time in US history. Today “Go West” is used by Oregon Tourism to tempt would-be adventurers to the Beaver State in the Pacific Northwest.

Oregon is a magnet that drags golfers from all over the world to the seaside resort of Bandon Dunes where there are five world-class golf courses and a playful 13-hole par three layout. As for the rest of Oregon, it’s pretty much undiscovered as a golfing destination.

The Beaver State could do itself a favour by promoting its non-Bandon based golf courses a little more effectively because there are some good courses to be savoured within this magnificent vacation State.

Apart from the respected private facilities at Waverley, Eugene and Pronghorn, there’s Crosswater at Sunriver, Running Y Ranch and Pumpkin Ridge, all of which are worth singling out from Oregon’s directory of more than 200 golf courses.

Our Oregon Best In State Rankings were last updated in July 2020. Click the link to read the story.