Our Crunchiest Recipes for Pleasingly Loud Snacks | Epicurious

“Crunchy” means a lot of different things. Granola is crunchy, but so is fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce. The crunchiest recipes can take a little bit of work to eat (think roasted nuts), but they reward you with a pleasing sound and sensation as you bite down and gently crush them between your teeth. Remember, though, “crunchy” is an adjective that’s distinct from “crispy,” which refers to foods that are a little more delicate, such as tempura or the outer edges of a croissant. Perhaps the crunchiest recipes fall into the category of snacks: roasted chickpeas, crackly snack mixes, seeded sweets, and, of course, potato chips. So when the urge to crunch arises, check out a snackable handful of our favorite crunchy treats below.