Panama | Top 100 Golf Courses

One of the most strategically located countries in the world, Panama sits between Colombia and Costa Rica, connecting North and South America. Its world famous canal (often referred to as the “eighth wonder of the world”) allows shipping to move easily between the North Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

Like most countries in Central and South America, Panama is a former Spanish colony that only really began to flourish when first it severed its Iberian connections in the early 19th century and then when it relinquished its allegiance to Colombia in 1903. Just over ten years later, the US completed the construction of the canal – an important asset that only came under the exclusive control of the Panamanian government at the start of this millenium!

Although Panama can only boast a handful of golf courses, a number of these are so compelling that you really should take your golf clubs. Keep a watchful eye on Lucero (formerly known as Cielo Paraiso) in Boquete province, which opened in 2009. J. Michael Poellot’s layout has the potential to become one of the world’s most spectacular golf courses.

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