Papa Nacho’s


Papa Nacho’s started when husband and wife team Brigette “Bebe” Lopez and Ignacio Lopez, Sr. started selling burritos out of their truck in downtown Albuquerque. Eventually the duo, along with their daughters Maricel and Gloria, opened their first location on 4th street. Throughout the years, the restaurant has captured the attention of publications such as the Alibi, Albuquerque Journal and numerous online bloggers. Reviewers have described the restaurant as “Authentically Good” and“…certainly the type of restaurant you’d want to have in your neighborhood.”  Albuquerque Journal reviewer Charlotte Balcomb Lane described the food  focusing specifically on what is often overlooked in Mexican restaurants “…the beans remind us how beautiful pintos can be… they taste creamy, almost buttery, and have a slightly chunky texture that encourages you to keep spooning. They could almost be the main course.”  

Papa Nacho’s menu is rooted in Mexico, where Ignacio Sr. is from, but is also influenced by an infusion of flavors from California, Arizona, and New Mexico. (All the places the family has lived).  The menu offers a variety of items to choose from and undoubtedly “more burritos than you can shake your maracas at!”

Nestled within a hidden location between San Antonio and Paseo Del Norte, Bebe says, “we owe all our success to our customers! Because they have to know where to find us and want to eat here.”