Papermill Place Restaurant |

Coffee. Pie. Breakfast anytime. The place where people come to meet and eat. Comfort food. Variety; more choices than you need! New additions to the menu all the time. Daily specials. That’s Papermill Place. Everything you want in a restaurant when you’re looking for plenty of good food and a great value.

In 1981, Jim and Norma Hockman, along with John Solenberger and Virginia Vance, started Papermill Place in Winchester. It’s been family-owned and operated since the beginning, with Darin Hockman taking over in 1992. Stop in most any day and you’ll find customers talking with Darin and the staff about their families and anything else that’s on their minds!

Papermill Place is a favorite for all ages. You’ll love the good ol’ favorites like Mom used to make, plus new features are always being added. If you go away hungry, it’s your own fault. And you’ll always leave feeling like you got your money’s worth.

“If it’s not on our menu, you didn’t want to eat it anyway.”

~ Owner Darin Hockman