Paralegal Certificate at Marist

Prior to enrolling in the Marist Paralegal Program, I knew that I wanted to work at a law firm, but I wasn’t sure which area of law. As a result of enrolling in the program my professors were a valuable asset in helping me get started. Through their various teaching methods, I gained a better understanding of the legal profession and which areas of law that would pique my interest. The Marist Paralegal Program was impressive from beginning to end.

I was nervous about going back to college at 40 years old but Marist was a wonderful experience for me. I was working full time and went to Marist at night and I took one class a semester and it was perfect for me. .The program helped me get started in my career at IBM.

These courses are not your run of the mill, sit all day and listen to the the instructor lecture type of courses You will participate hands-on individually and also collectively with your classmates. Shortly after graduating from the paralegal program I was offered a job as a domestic violence paralegal for a local non-profit.

The program covers a wide range of legal areas which gives you a strong foundation in many expertise. This also helps you explore the different areas of law and find what interests you most. My time at Marist really gave me the strength and insight I needed to build a solid career as a paralegal.

Of all of my higher education experiences, my time as a student in the Marist College Paralegal Program was one of the most enjoyable. I began the Program with an interest in the subject matter, but the courses, the professors, and the discussions with my classmates helped to foster a true appreciation for the law. The professors not only provided real-world application of the subject matter which made class discussions relatable, but made themselves available outside of class hours for questions and further discussion. The Program is structured to help students succeed, creating an environment where students are engaged and enjoying their time in the classroom.

Marist’s Paralegal Program helped me to “round out” my professional knowledge. Although I was a little bit apprehensive about going back to school after so many years, those thoughts quickly diminished. The program was very diversified, I never once felt out of place. I have garnered two promotions since I completed the program and I have no doubt that the knowledge and experience I gained was integral in obtaining those promotions.