Paralegal Certificate of Achievement

This option is available to students entering the program who have completed all general education core requirements through coursework received by either an Associate in Arts degree or a Bachelor’s degree. The Certificate of Achievement requires completion of the core courses (18 units) and paralegal elective courses (12 units) for a total of 30 units. Up to 9 units of approved law-related courses may be substituted for paralegal electives. 

Courses required for the Major:

PARA 100

Legal Procedures

PARA 105

Legal Research

PARA 110

Legal Writing & Communications

PARA 115

Civil Litigation – Procedures

PARA 120

Tort Law

PARA 180

Contract Law

Select 12 units from the following paralegal elective courses

PARA 140

Law Office Technology

PARA 145

Federal Court Practices and Procedures

PARA 150

Criminal Litigation and Procedure

PARA 155

Employment Law

PARA 160

Bankruptcy Law

PARA 165

Family Law

PARA 170

Corporate Law

PARA 175

Estates, Trusts, and Wills

PARA 200

Elder Law

PARA 205

Environmental Law

PARA 210

Immigration Law

PARA 220

Intellectual Property Law

PARA 225

Real Estate Law

PARA 230

Consumer Law

PARA 270

Paralegal Internship / Work Experience

PARA 296

Individualized Instruction in Legal Assistant

A maximum of 9 units from the following paralegal-related courses may be substituted for paralegal elective courses.

ADJU 102

Criminal Law I

ADJU 210

Rules of Evidence

ADJU 230

Constitutional Law I

BUSE 140

Business Law and the Legal Environment

CBTE 120

Beginning Microsoft Word

CBTE 127

Beginning Microsoft Powerpoint

CBTE 140 

Beginning Microsoft Excel

CBTE 221

Legal Secretary Skills and Procedure