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What is PRQ

PARSIQ (PRQ) is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform, creator of the ParsiQL domain-specific query language. ParsiQL allows users to manipulate blockchain data streams and create smart triggers to respond to both on and off-chain events. PARSIQ serves as a multi-level bridge connecting blockchains to off-chain data and applications, allowing users to monitor transaction events in real-time using conditional logic and route alerts from their blockchain wallet to Telegram using customizable Transports. PARSIQ leverages its strategic partnership with cybersecurity expert Uppsala Security to provide live threat analysis, verifying blockchain addresses against known threats from the Uppsala Threat Intelligence Platform database to assign a risk score and category. PARSIQ provides emergency support in the event of a cryptocurrency exchange or smart contract hack, reverse engineering blockchain networks and taking an exact snapshot of each wallet balance prior the hack to recreate the network and reissue the token as a hard fork. Users can pay for PARSIQ services using platform native ERC-20 PRQ token. Liquidity providers for the Uniswap PRQ-ETH pool can earn additional rewards by holding a proportionate amount of PRQBOOST token. PARSIQ blockchain monitoring services are available for integration with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot, and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).