Reclaiming Traditional French Classics Since 2009

Our history begins in 2009, about the time when I’d grown tired of my job as Executive Chef for a group of private golf clubs. I asked my sons if they had any interest in opening a little restaurant with me and they all said yes. During that time I met Angela, and Frank, who also thought it might be fun to have our own place. I’d narrowed the location down to either Wauwatosa or Bay View, and we ended up in the latter, on the street where both of our fathers were born and raised, Rusk Avenue and Kinnickinnic Avenue. We spent our first five years there, but in 2015 were informed that our landlords weren’t interested in renewing our lease.

I approached the owners of the Hotel Metro, feeling that Downtown was on the brink of developing a new and exciting dining scene building on the great restaurants that were already there. I was also approached by Jim Marks of the River Lane Inn in Brown Deer about buying him and his wife Claire out so they could retire. Through a serious of coincidences, we ended up opening a location in Brown Deer in 2016, and also moving the Bay View operation to the Metro later that year. The Downtown restaurant was a partnership with Rachael Karr (our Bay View Chef), and managed by Phil Gillespie.

We were in the way of the owners of the Metro being able to sell the property to a larger corporation, so they bought our lease out in December 2019.

Since then, Brown Deer has been our only focus. We’ve made numerous improvements over the last six years, including expanding the patio, painting, and replacing a great deal of the old equipment. We’re dedicated to bringing the North Shore a fine dining experience that will make them want to return again and again. We’ve become good friends with so many of our guests, and are meeting more every day. We look forward to meeting and serving you, too!