Paul Hoods Restaurant

Having worked alongside the likes of Jamie Oliver and Ben O’Donoghue, Paul entered the Gordon Ramsay Group as a passionate Sous Chef in Maze, London in 2005. His creativity and precision propelled him to Senior Sous Chef in no time, where he established himself as Jason Atherton’s right hand man.

When Jason left to begin his own ventures in 2011, Paul followed, opening Pollen Street Social as head chef. Entering the business at this level meant Paul was able to expand his business knowledge whilst advancing his responsibility and creativity in the kitchen. Under Paul’s guidance, the restaurant opened to critical acclaim and is now the flagship of Jason’s 16 restaurants.

Following the tremendous success of Pollen Street Social, Paul opened the Michelin-Starred Social Eating House as Chef Patron. Paul continues to develop dishes closely with Jason, creating a diverse and contemporary menu which reflects the style that Paul has developed through his career of rich experience.