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At approximately 7:00pm on Wednesday July 20, 2022 nine of my family members went for dinner after I told them about the great food from my previous visits. A 30-minute wait was no problem until other guests who came in after us were seated before…us. When I asked the hostesses about it I was told that the servers were backed up. I asked why a party of 6 and 2 parties of 2, all of whom arrived after us, were seated and we were still waiting. As I was being told again that the servers were backed, up a woman named Brittany who worked there overhead and intervened. She practically begged us not to leave and asked me if I could get the rest of my party to return as about half had started walking towards their vehicles. We all returned, were promptly seated and Brittany even took our drink orders while waiting for our server, Micki, who was like a breath of fresh air after the negligent, seemingly intentional mistreatment by the hostesses. While we would all like to think that racism does not still exist, it is truly alive, well and thriving. The young white hostess who seemed to be calling the shots, the older white woman who came to assist with seating the other patrons, all of whom were white, and the other young hostess whose race I could not determine all seemed oblivious to the fact that this black family was being overlooked each time they assisted the others. If you choose to allow this type of behavior in your establishment, that is your right but it will also be our right to not patronize again and to encourage others not to as well. As we were leaving, the young white hostess snidely, smugly and condescendingly told us to have a good night. Her tone indicated a lack of sincerity. We allowed her to have the last word because that seemed to be what she wanted. We can’t control others; the only thing we can control is our reaction to ignorance and racism. We are ever so grateful to Brittany, Micki and our hat is off to the dynamic chef of the evening, to whom we were able to greet on our way out. Thanks for your kindness, compassion and exceptional service.