PAULA DEEN’S FAMILY KITCHEN, Branson – Menu, Prices & Restaurant Reviews – Tripadvisor

First of all, the restaurant is in fact a lovely restaurant, and very welcoming.
Sadly, that is the only positive comment I have about the restaurant.
I had seen many of Paula’s TV Shows and was genuinely wanting to have a meal that would validate…all the show promised with regard to the food. The options of food choices are not impressive. The initial delivery and presentation are very disappointing. The menu as a whole is lack luster. The option you get for ordering and the cost is something that would be expected at a much higher level of restaurant and cuisine. Our party ordered Fried Chicken and Meatloaf. The chicken was average, the meatloaf was lacking in flavor except for the sauce they covered the dish in which seemed to be a mix of bar- b-cue and ketchup. Both dishes were at best, room temperature. We asked for a hot serving and were told it was all the same. I did not fault the server for this. He did have a supervisor address our concerns and his option was that they could throw it on the grill if we would like! All the side dishes were no better than those you might get at a buffet or cafeteria. Our cost for a party of four was over $100 and we were able to choke down perhaps 8 pieces of chicken and bites of a very sad meatloaf. Overall, a strong thumbs down.