Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen menu in Branson, Missouri, USA

I was a little worried I?d die from a butter overdose but I was pleasantly surprised!

Walking in feels like you?re in a fancier Cracker Barrel. Lots of Paula Deen merch along with sauces, spice mixes, books and tons of other things to browse while you wait for your table. It would have been nice to see some more seating so we didn?t have to walk around while waiting.

Once we had a table we ordered our drinks. I got a blueberry lemonade and my SO go a Georgia peach lemonade and both of them were to die for they were so good, I probably had six refills!

The food is all you can eat and they charge by person not by individual meals. So if two people go they are served the $25 meal. Two main entrees and 4 sides! We got fried chicken and spare ribs along with green beans, broccoli casserole, coleslaw and cucumber and tomato salad. All of which was excellently made, I probably ate 3 bowls of the cucumber and tomato salad myself! The dessert can have a seasonal option depending on the time of year. We were able to get a pumpkin cake dessert which made both of us tear up a bit!

If you?re able to make this a stop during your Branson trip or an afternoon lunch stop on your road trip you?ll be impressed no doubt and leave with a couple extra things from her store!