PAYMON’S Fresh Kitchen and Lounge – Mediterranean Restaurant Las Vegas, NV

Why Paymon’s Fresh Kitchen and Lounge?

Paymon’s Fresh Kitchen and Lounge

Most award winning Restaurant in Las Vegas. An unprecedented Review-Journal “Best of Las Vegas” 30x award winner!

Dear Patrons — The question is, Why Paymon’s?

Since 1988, Paymon’s has been on a mission to affect it’s guests and staff in the most positive ways. As a local, community-based operation, we strive to bring “the goods”, by offering a pleasant alternative to typical dining experiences. By providing the healthiest versions of popular international dishes, with many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, our great tasting, large portions, are affordable. Although not an easy task, we have accomplished providing all of the benefits of such a menu offering for decades. With your health in mind, we hand trim all proteins, use zero trans-fat oils (great for cholesterol levels), use no artificial preservatives, no artificial additives, we use sea salt only and prep from the freshest ingredients.

Paymon’s Lounge is also quite unique, garnering many awards over the years in numerous categories. It is truly a rare getaway that offers ambiance, elegance, comfort and charm, that has made it a community favorite. With an incredible beverage menu featuring a fine selection of specialty cocktails, Happy Hour, entertainment and nightlife, Paymon’s Lounge has become the local destination for guests looking for a great time.

Because our patrons and staff matter! We pride ourselves on extremely low turnover of guests and staff, and thankfully we have been blessed with having the most incredible guests and staff in Las Vegas! Loyalty begins with trust, and trust is a must!