Peep All the New Flavors of the Cardi B-Themed Rap Snacks

Rap Snacks has revealed that Cardi B is the latest MC to receive her own line of potato chips. The Grammy award-winning rapper is the first musician to receive four flavors of the salty snack. Her Invasion of Privacy cover look serves as the logo for the upcoming range of snacks. The brand’s CEO shares that the partnership was a natural one:

“Cardi B being featured on Rap Snacks is truly a great fit for what our brand stands for. Rap Snacks is a brand that embraces the evolving hip-hop culture and promotes authenticity which mirrors what Cardi B represents. Just like Rap Snacks, Cardi B will always remain true to who she is.”

“Cheddar BBQ,” Jerk BBQ,” “Honey Drip Butter” and “Habanero Hot Cheese” are the newest flavors to join the line. Rap Snacks is also expanding its Migos line with “Bar-B-Quin’ With My Honey With A Dab of Ranch” wavy chips and “White Cheddar With a Dab of Ranch” cheese puffs. Those that wish to cop the new flavors should head to Rap Snacks’ online store.