Penn National Insurance Careers and Employment

Compared to other insurance companies with pay and benefits Penn National is average and they do offer excellent medical benefits, average time off and decent advancement opportunities. Managers I worked with ranged from super micromanagement to excellent allowing freedom of thought and flexibility. With those managers plenty of advancement and opportunity to learn and grow was offered. Coworkers were nice and it did not have a lot of cliques, treatment was fair.

So why did I leave after 7 years? The attitude toward remote work. Most jobs in the company are able to be done remotely and during COVID they allowed those employees to work from home and needed safety measures to those that remained in the office. However, after working at home for over 2 years and achieving favorable results they are requiring all employees to return to the office , when most other insurance and similar companies are embracing the remote work environment and allowing employees the added flexibility and work life balance of remote work. They had employees fill out multiple surveys about the topic and overwhelmingly the results were to continue remote work-especially for those that had families to take care of or health issues- like many women do. This choice by the company has caused many , especially women to quit and seek employment at companies who value diversity and women on staff. There is a reason the company has multiple job openings and will continue to do so, unless the change the Mad Men style of old white men mentality and embrace the needs of all who work for them.