Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) – Auto Loan Reviews 2022 | Credit Karma

I didn’t have a good experience at all. The communication from pen fed is very limited, it takes a long time for them to even start the process. And their income verification process is honestly the most cumbersome I’ve every experienced. I’m a physician with really good credit and a fairly high income, and the process to try and buy a $30,000 used minivan was honestly the worst experience ever. I work at multiple hospitals and have a few sources of income, and the lending department couldn’t, for the life of them, understand. And they have a policy where you “can’t be in contact with the loan under-writers”. Which is fine if that’s their policy…. But it makes it VERY difficult to try and communicate. You basically have to get on the phone with a “loan salesman”, and that person keeps both of you on different lines, and plays telephone with both of you. It’s frustrating as hell. Imagine if you went to the doctor, and he stood in a different room, and only communicated to you through the nurse. And you needed to get something across, but the doctor refused to talked to you. That’s how I felt. 3 weeks later, basically having to check every day for updates, 2 applications, at least 10 uploaded documents later …… I had no solution. All to try and get the 1.99%. Save yourself the headache and I guarantee SOME local credit union will get you 2.5-2.75% with a MUCH easier and friendly process. In the end, the dealership got me 2.5% with zero down, and ZERO documents needed to verify. Wish I woulda just done that from the start. PenFed has some good reviews, which is why I gave it a try. But my experience was the worst one ever.