PeopleInsight identified with esteemed company as “Multi-Source” People Analytics Platform

I’m thrilled to share with you where we fit on the seminal research for the People Analytics industry – conducted by industry veterans and experts from RedThread Research – Stacia Sherman Garr and Priyanka Mehrotra.

This year-long study engaged all key vendors in the people analytics space with the objective of muffling the noise, understanding and seeing first-hand what these products do and don’t do, and eradicating the cross-category confusion.

Music to my ears given how hard it is in any new product category to differentiate cars from trucks. Fish from fowl.

I say this with first hand experience given PeopleInsight is a very early mover in this space and has had customers running our multi-source people analytics platform since 2012. 

PeopleInsight Jan31 v4.2


We are considered, according to RedThread, as part of their Guiding Analytics quadrant, in their Multi-Source Analysis Platforms segment with eight vendors including Visier and OneModel.

We’re proud and excited to be finally identified, independently, for what and who we truly are – a pureplay platform that integrates a company’s disparate sources of HR, Talent and Productivity data, and delivers end-to-end HR reporting and people analytics. 

I encourage you to take 5 minutes and attend our Daily Demo to see what a multi-source people analytics platform like PeopleInsight can do!

There are 2 publications as part of RedThread’s research on the People Analytics Technology landscape – the Market and the Vendors. Go to the RedThread site, download them for free and also access their other great research on D&I, HR Tech and Talent Management etc.

Onwards and upwards!