PepsiCo Foods Vietnam Company – Lay’s Việt Nam

24/12/1991 – International Beverage Company (IBC) was established by a joint venture between Marcondray – Singapore and the SPCo at the rate of 50% – 50% equity. The company conducted its beverage factory in Hoc Mon district.

1994 – PepsiCo took part in the Vietnam market with two brands – Pepsi and 7Up. PepsiCo ventured with capital accounted for 30%.

1998 – PepsiCo bought 97% stake, increased its capital to 110 million dollars while SPCo took 3% of venture.

2003 – PepsiCo bought the remaining 3% stake, renamed the company into International Beverages PepsiCo Vietnam and launched more brands: Aquafina, Sting, Twister, Lipton Ice Tea.

2004 – The International Beverage Company PepsiCo Vietnam had the largest market share in beverage industry in Vietnam.

2005 – The International Beverage Company PepsiCo Vietnam has the largest market share in the carbonated soft drinks sector in Vietnam and launched its first food product – Poca brand snack.

2007 – PepsiCo developed its soy milk sector.

2008 – PepsiCo inaugurated the first food factory in Binh Duong, launched its Poca product produced from fresh potatoes, Lipton green tea products, Poca Extruded,…

2009 – PepsiCo inaugurated the beverage factory at Can Tho, launched its products including Pepsi; Mirinda; 7up PET 500 ml; Twister pineapple, kiwi; shrimp chips; grilled beef with five spices; lobster mixed butter, garlic; roasted peking duck.

2011 – PepsiCo Vietnam became BU, started construction of the largest food and beverage factory at Southeast Asia’s in Bac Ninh, launched Twister apple, Poca Football Party and Cheetos barbecue bombs.

2012 – PepsiCo opened the beverage factory in April in Bien Hoa city, Dong Nai province, inaugurated its food and beverage factory in Bac Ninh, launched twisties products, …

23/10/2012 – PepsiCo ventured with Suntory Holdings Limited (Suntory) with capital contributed by 40% of Pepsi and 51% of Suntory.

21/02/2013 – Establishment of Limited Liability Companies Food PepsiCo Vietnam