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Pet Grooming Courses

Women hair drying a dog after grooming

Professional Pet Grooming is made up of three courses that total 115 hours of training. Students must complete all three courses to receive a certificate of completion. Individual certificates are not awarded for individual course completion. Students must take the classes in the following order: Principles of Professional Pet Grooming, Professional Pet Groomer Practices Part I, Professional Pet Groomer Practices Part II. 

Topics include:

  • Fundamental Principles and Terminology of Pet Grooming including grooming equipment, dog behavior, anatomy, breed classes and more.
  • Professional Pet Groomer I & II focuses on bating, brushing, and grooming techniques for different breeds

Course Requirements:

  • Students must have attendance of 90%.
  • Students must pass all required exams at 70% or higher (final exam, practical exam, and portfolio). 
  • Students must complete the course required grooming hours (25 total) to receive a certificate of completion.
  • Students must complete 10 hours in a grooming salon which is mandatory for course certificate of completion. 
  • Students are require to purchase course equipment ($999).


Scholarships are available and may cover all or part of the program cost. For more information or to apply now, click here.