Pet Insurance | Allstate

AVO: We treat pets like members of the family. We pamper them. Feed them well. And even take selfies with them.

AVO: So why wouldn’t we protect them like family, too?

AVO: Pet Health Insurance takes care of medical bills for your furriest child.

AVO: Plans protect pets of all sizes and ages…

AVO: …and can cover everything from an exam or medication to x-rays. They help treat everyday ailments, such as digestive issues…

AVO: …and provide coverage for ER and specialty hospitals.

AVO: Plans can even cover chronic and genetic conditions, such as allergies.

AVO: Unfortunately, even four-legged friends can get cancer. But testing and treatment are covered, at no additional cost.

AVO: Pet Health Insurance helps in other ways, with coverage for things like acupuncture… and behavioral training.

AVO: And you choose the vet or provider.

AVO: Wellness rewards help reimburse routine care, like grooming and prescription food.

AVO: Annual plans can cost less than just one ER visit. And you can earn a lower deductible every year you’re claim free!

AVO: Keep treating your pet like family. Give your dog or cat the love and protection they deserve with Pet Health Insurance.

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