P.F. Chang’s | Best Restaurants in Istanbul


P.F. Chang’s is an Asian concept restaurant founded on 1993 by Philip Chiang and Paul Fleming. Ever since the day it was established, they have been aiming to serve their guests with Asian cuisine made from daily obtained ingredients. Apart from that, it is the first multi-unit restaurant established in the US, honoring and celebrating 2000 years old wok cooking tradition. Since its establishment, P.F. Chang’s makes its food hand-made from scratch. Its philosophy is called from farm to wok, defined as making food from scratch using purposeful ingredients and the time-honored tradition of wok cooking. Wok cooking is a 2000-year-old Asian cooking tradition, where 700-degree intense flame constantly and rapidly cooks meat and vegetables, keeping its nutritional value.

P.F. Chang’s is a nice escape from authentic Turkish cuisine and is a good way to enrich your experience in Istanbul. It has a wide menu filled with various Asian cuisine, from appetizers to sushi, salads, desserts and even gluten-free options. 

Istanbul’s cultural heritage is remarkably wide and fascinating. Istanbul has been home for many great Empires for thousands of years and its beauty inspired countless musicians, poems, emperors and it keeps on inspiring everyone ever since its establishment. There is no limit on the things you can do, and one lifetime wouldn’t be enough to discover Istanbul in its entirety. 

Istanbul is the home of countless opportunities if you know how to guide yourself through it. It holds many authentic cuisines, combined with excellent options from other traditions such as P.F. Chang’s. We guarantee you that there are several food options and travel selections that suits your taste and visit plan. P.F. Chang’s here for you to satisfy your appetite with its diverse and traditional food options.