PGA 2K21: 10 Hilarious User Created Courses To Play With Friends

PGA 2k21 fans have been taking advantage of the title's in-depth course editor. Here's a look at some of the most hilarious creations.

PGA 2K21's course designer has provided the community with the ability to create some of the most challenging, ridiculous, and hilarious courses imaginable. From fictional fantasy locations to courses with holes that are a mile long, there are plenty of interesting places to explore in 2K21. Custom courses are one of the main reasons for the game's ongoing success.

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This list will focus on some of the highest rated and craziest courses available to all players. Some are funny in their own right, and others are so tough they will force people to rage quit. Anyone looking for a new course to try out with friends should give the following ten user created courses a try. It is unbelievable what these course architects have been able to design with limited options and features.

Updated November 28, 2021 by Payton Lott: Creators have had months to design even more ridiculous courses in PGA 2K21. This updated list includes three more hilarious courses for users to enjoy. Each of these additional courses are as challenging as they are baffling. Tee off on yet another Mars course or play the impossible Hounds Tooth Point. Either way, these courses will be a ton of fun to try. Players will need to avoid the hazards and get creative to shoot under par on any of these perplexing user made courses in PGA 2K21. Elevation and wind will also play key roles while golfers make their way through all 18 holes.


BD's Silly Seven BD's Silly Seven PGA 2k2

BD's Silly Seven is the wackiest course on this list. Every hole is a par 7, and gamers will certainly have some absurd scores. For just messing around with a group of buddies online, there is no better course to play. Greens are shaped to almost ensure a birdie if the ball is on the green.

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As the round goes on, there will be more obstacles to prevent gamers from getting a hole in one. For example, hole three has four lighthouses blocking the path to the green. One of the awesome things about 7s is that people can hit the ball in the water twice and still make an eagle. Look out for the following when playing:

  • Flying fish on hole 4
  • Putting launch ramp on hole 6
  • Yacht green on hole 9
  • Kangaroos on hole 10
  • Floating ducks on hole 11
  • Cows phasing through a wall on hole 13
  • Snake and gator gallery at hole 14
  • The one mile hole on 16
  • The hot tub hole on 18


BD's Goose's Nemesis BD's Goose's Nemesis Via: TheApexHound

BD is known as one of the top gimmick course designers out there. His Goose's Nemesis course is more like a carnival than a golf course. Hilarious hazards, animals, and obstacles line every single hole. Before every hole, people will wonder how reaching the flag is even a possibility.

It is easier to hit the ball into a hazard 10 times in a row than get a par. Don't worry, the drop zones are even tougher to hit from than the original tee box. Gamers have to try this course, the results will be hysterical.


The Gates Of Mordor

Anyone that wants to see their friends play the most horrendous round of golf possible need to play this course. It is Mordor, so it makes sense that the course is nearly 8,000 yards. As far realism is concerned, this place does not look like Mordor. However, there are a few cool features like the eye of Sauron and the hue of the sunlight in the distance.

The greens in Mordor are massive, making for some long, winding putts. Unfortunately, this version of Mordor includes water hazards and sand traps.


420 Crazy Golf 7's 420 Crazy Golf 7's PGA 2k

This course is designed to help golfers get a hole in one on every hole. Every green is contoured to funnel the ball to the hole and it is definitely possible to post a score of -60 or lower. However, golfers will still need to get the ball close to the greens and avoid a few hazards to make it in the hole with one shot.

Ridiculous course design and the possibility of shooting unfathomable score makes this course a great one to play with friends. Even the worst player in the match has a chance to win.


Mars Outpost 18 surviving mars art

Who doesn't want to play golf on Mars? This 8,000 yard course is quite a challenge, though. Mars has firm and fast greens with extremely long Par 5s. Getting to the hole in two on the longer Par 4s and 5s is seemingly impossible.

Greens on the course are large, but have a lot of contours to them. As expected, there are a lot of elevation changes throughout as well. The scenic views and difficulty make the course a proper test of skill for an Earther.


Kong Valley Kong Skull Island PGA 2K21

Kong Valley is a recreation of Skull Island, the fictional home of King Kong. Whoever created this course did a fantastic job re-creating the dense jungle aesthetic from the movies. The island features every possible hazard one can think of. There are rivers, lakes, and waterfalls on every hole. Most shots have large changes in elevation too.

Golfers can get creative with shot shaping and aggressive plays throughout the round. Kong Valley can reward aggressive lines, but slight miss hits will go into the water. Bad putters will love the Valley, which has really easy greens.


Sam's Crazy Golf Sams Crazy Golf PGA 2k

Sam's Crazy Golf is an awesome putt putt course with all of the usual trappings. The course is brilliantly designed and actually looks like it was based off of a real course. The obstacles on the course include nets, funnels, and ramps among other things. Players can use the walls and dividers to get as close to the hole as possible, offering plenty of risk/reward opportunities. The putt putt course is one of the better created PGA 2K21 courses to enjoy with friends online.


Dystopian (Redux) Dystopian (Redux) PGA 2k

This course is an upgraded import from TGC 2019 and is one of the best rated PGA 2K21 courses in the game. Every hole is elevated and often separated from the fairway, if there even is one. Gamers are given a lot of chances to hit the green in one, but missing almost always ensures a double or triple bogey.

Sometimes the risk will pay off, making for interesting matches between skilled players. If the ball falls into the desert, it is unlikely that golfers will have the power to get it back up to the hole.


McFear's Quarry Course BD's Silly Seven PGA 2k2

The mountainous course features stunning views, drastic elevation changes, and hundreds of sand traps. McFear's is a very well designed competitive course that will frustrate and challenge even the best PGA 2K players. Nothing is better than watching friends rage on this 18 hole marathon.

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The thin fairways are lined by cliffs, making accuracy off the tee crucial in the Quarry. To make the course even harder, the creator made the greens small, firm, and fast. The course is tough enough to give those at the bottom of the leaderboard a chance to come back.


The Highlands Tiger Woods 14 The Highlands

Way back in the old Tiger Woods games, the Highlands was a popular created course. The fantasy links style course has a lot of elevated dog leg holes. It is set on the side of a cliff, so missing a fairway can result in a pretty large penalty. In the Highlands, players will have to pick good lines and shape shots to put themselves in position to make birdies.

The course's fairways are unbelievably thin, and massive bunkers are located around every corner. People will understand the struggle of this course when they take a look at the first green, which has red lines as far as the eye can see. Good luck shooting par on this course.


Ruins At Pharaoh Valley PGA2k21 Ruins at Pharaoh Valley (1)

Ruins at Pharaoh Valley is a par 72 fantasy course that stretches more than 7,500 yards. This course features water on essentially every hole, with plenty of sand to punish bad shots. The greens are usually protected and adjacent to either water or rock structures. Precision will be the most important thing on this course, because of all the hazards in play. Distance is not as big of a factor, although hitting the ball far will provide some birdie opportunities.

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In general, the greens are manageable, but there is at least one section of each green that runs into infinity. On PGA 2K21 courses like this, getting somewhere on the green is more important than a low percentage shot right at the pin. Play safe and low scores are possible at Pharaoh Valley.


Musk's Mission To Mars PGA 2k Mars

The second Martian course in this list takes golfers to an already settled Mars. It includes Space-X rockets, wind farms, and even living quarters in the distance. The course is set in a mountainous region of Mars, with hilly fairways and blind gaps to play through. There are even volcanic vents that shoot out smoke on the course.

In terms of realism, this Mars course is by far the better option. The background and even the color of the rocks look more believable. Despite all these cool aesthetic features, the map feels like an ordinary course. Greens can be fast, but there is a huge landing area on almost every hole. Enjoy the scenery and shoot low on this awesome alien world.


Hounds Tooth Point Hounds Tooth Point PGA 2k21 (1)

The expansive Hounds Tooth Point is essentially a massive island with cliffs on the right side of every hole. This course is a nightmare for players that slice the ball. Despite the constant hazard, it is a beautiful course with a ton of great characteristics. There is a view of the water on basically every shot, and scoring low here is not impossible.

Gamers will need to pull out the big sticks to have a chance at shooting below par, however. Most par 5s are not reachable in 2, and golfers will need to layup more than they care to. Hounds Tooth Point tests skill, patience, and decision making on every single hole. Good players that stay consistent will love the flow of the course as they play through the back nine.

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