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Even after backswing glitches and a little disappointment with the career mode, 2K developers were not phased and looked to please their fans with a really great feature. In golf games in the 2000’s, players were able to design their own unique golf courses within some limitations. They all still looked like golf courses, but you could change features like the color of the grass or the size of the green.

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Creativity Reigns

With this in mind and it lacking in other golf games, 2K decided to bring the feature back to many fans’ pleasure! Not only did they bring back the feature, they made it even better too! They got rid of all limitations which literally gave players free range to make any golf courses they wanted. This resulted in some crazy long holes, but also some crazy cool designs. There were also no limitations on where the backdrop was or the elevation of the holes, so players got very creative.

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Not only did they give players free range to make whatever courses they want, they also allowed platers to share their designs with each other. Due to the easily accessible internet, you can only imagine how many different courses were distributed all over the world! You can search any course name or idea you have in a database and instantly play one that someone else has made. We take a look at some of the best courses that fans have designed.

Your Imagination is the Limit

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Some players made their courses look like true golf courses, but even more beautiful. Their designs look like a golfer’s dream and are so realistic you would think it is already a course on the PGA Tour! On the other hand, other players took this opportunity to come up with some crazy ideas and play golf in places you would never imagine, like those within a baseball stadium, or on top of city skylines, teeing from building to building.

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In this article, we will find you the best fantasy courses including crazy courses in baseball stadiums and beautiful courses that look like they have been professionally built. We began our search with finding the most realistic looking courses. From the Isles of Wales to the Canyons of South America, there are some pretty great designs.

Devil’s Passage

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The first on our list is Devil’s Passage, a course designed in the Amazon. Credits to whoever made this design, because it is really stellar! In this course, the scenery is beautiful, featuring canyons, jungles, and mountains which help give the course some extra elevation to work with. It is a standard golf course with bunkers and some water, so if you are looking for a unique yet realistic course, this one is for you. Their feature hole includes an arch that stretches over the fairway with ferns hanging off of it. You tee off from an elevated tee box and hit your drive through this arch onto a tight fairway. We suggest you search this course up and try it out for yourself!

The Highlands

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The second course is called The Highlands. This course gave us feelings of Pebble Beach but on the coast of the United Kingdom instead of the United States. It is right on the water with the option of your ball rolling into the ocean if you miss the fairway or green. What separates this course from others is the large castle sitting on a hill that can be seen in the background. This feature can only be found in Europe and is an amazing view nonetheless. Their feature hole is a par three where you hit it across the ocean and the green sits at the base of the hill with the castle on top. If you are looking for a European style version of Pebble Beach, we strongly recommend this course for you.

Concrete Jungles

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Now it is time for the weird and wacky courses that add the fun in the sport! There are a few famous baseball stadium golf courses that players have built. It is exactly what it sounds like, but some of these courses take the game outside of the stadium too. In one course, you will be teeing it up from the roof of the stadium, and hitting it to the outfield. Then you will be teeing it off in the streets outside the course, hitting it into a green in the middle of the street. These courses really appeal to those who love golf and see a random place that looks good to hit a few balls. The stadiums are always a cool place to tee it up!

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The skyline courses are also really similar to hitting it in the streets of the city but with better views. It would be crazy to think of someone hitting a ball in-between two skyscrapers, but you can easily do it in these courses! They also feature elevation changes where you are hitting it on top of a building and then into a green on the streets. Either way, this is a pretty cool and unique idea for anyone looking to have a little more fun with golf and wants to step away from the standard courses.

Fantastic Fiction/Golf

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These courses are all fictional but that does not take away anything from the great experiences you will have whenever you play them. These self-designed courses are really some of the best in the game because every single one is unique and different from the rest. From crazy baseball stadium golf courses to beautiful golf courses on the cliffs of the European coast, they are all really, really cool places to play. So if you have not already tried some of these user created courses, we highly suggest that to do so to get the most out of your PGA Tour 2K21 experience!

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