PHO KIEN GIANG, Pinellas Park – Tripadvisor Reviews

Vietnam has a sophisticated but simple cuisine all around one ball. bit of french sophistication with rice noodle covered with broth or with simple grilled , fried,steamed,pot cooked and some simple herbs . The main serving on the table is the fish sauce who gives…the sweet and salty,like a dressing, .I drove over 65 miles to eat there, at a time when the kitchen is not busy . I ordered 2 soups one just clear consomme broth the other cow foot with all the meats , egg rolls, scrumptious , pork ribs caramelized in onion ,small but well prepare, had an argument about wanting rice noodles instead of rice , I won, the waiters felt like they got punch in the nose.
I like slice garlic in my nuoc mam, their answer ,,,WE don’t have.20 feet away is an oriental food market ,for service spend 50 cents and satisfy the customer .But I don’t believe the kitchen did not have it ,both waiters are lairs or just kids .The coffee was fine and with lots of ice , had to ask for it .They do lots of business. Maybe the I.R.S should check them out. NO Garlic …NO Tip.