Pho Mymy menu in Laval, Quebec, Canada

Right when we walk in, waitress didn?t welcome us with a hi, rather with a : VACCINE PASSPORT AND ID. Service was quick. We ordered 2 #9 pho with well done beef. There is just ONE size of PHO available which is medium. Imperial rolls are alright but their fish sauce is bland. The lime and the basil with sprouts comes in a tied up plastic bag. Disappointed with the pho, bland, served with fatty beef. When it was time to pay, the men worker was at the cash. When you finish paying with card, the man would quickly click ? DO NOT PRINT RECEIPT? on the interact machine from my side, which was very odd to do. Definitely very sketchy because the price is marked at a certain amount but when i check with my credit card, the amount has 2$ that has been over charged.