Photography Courses – Collin College

ARTS 1313 Foundations of Arts 
Introduction to the creative media designed to enhance artistic awareness and sensitivity
through the creative and imaginative use of art materials and tools. Includes art
history and culture through the exploration of a variety of art works with an emphasis
on aesthetic judgment and growth. Additionally, the examination of the change in art
creation based on the advancement of tools and materials pushing art production from
optic technology in Renaissance painting to mechanical art to technology based art.
3 credit hours. 

ARTS 2348 Digital Media
This is a foundational digital photography course. It is a studio art course that
explores the potential of the computer hardware and software medium for visual, conceptual,
and practical uses in the visual arts. It includes camera operation and professional
image work flow, composition, supplemental lighting and exposure control. Lab required. 3 credit hours. 


ARTS 2356 Photography I/Emphasis Fine Art
Introduction to photography: basic camera operations and darkroom techniques; emphasis
on visual imagination and design. Lab required. 3 credit hours. Note: Students should expect additional supply costs,
film, and photographic paper.

DarkroomI-Jacy Glenn

 Jacy Glenn

ARTS 2357 Photography II/Darkroom 
Intermediate black-and-white course; emphasis on developing a visual language, problem
solving, craftsmanship, and learning to edit personal work. Technical considerations
include print and negative quality, use of studio lighting, and large-format cameras.
Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2356. 3 credit hours. Note: Students should expect
additional supply costs. 

PHTC 1300 Digital Photography II
An introduction to computer and software instruction for electronic imaging. Includes
color, gray scale, image conversion, presentation, and ethics. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348. 3 credit hours. 

PHTC 1341 Color Photography I 
Examination of color theory as it applies to photography. Emphasis on color concepts
and the intricacies of seeing and photographing in color. Lab required. Prerequisite: PHTC 1300 or PHTC 2349.
3 credit hours. 

ColorMandy Duncan

PHTC 1343 Expressive Photography 
A study of formal, professional, and individual uses of photography by applying photographic
technology to personalized needs. Emphasis on creative visual thinking and problem
solving and the exploration of personal vision. Lab required. 3 credit hours.

ExpressiveBrandy Anderson

 PHTC 1345 Illustrative Photography 
Instruction in the technical aspects involved in commercial photography. Topics include
lighting equipment, techniques of production photography, reproduction principles,
illustrative techniques,
and advertising. Lab required. Prerequisite: PHTC 1353. 3 credit hours. 

Madison Mouser
Madison Mouser


PHTC 1347 Landscape Photography 

Skill development in the inspection of the landscape visually and photographically
utilizing various camera formats. Topics include exploration of historic, geographical,
and cultural locations, and review of landscape photographers. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348 or ARTS 2356. 3 credit hours. 

Landscape Banner Virginia Owen                                                                         Moriah Garcia

PHTC 1351 Photojournalism I 
Presentation of photographic techniques used by photo-journalists in newspapers, magazines,
trade publications and digital media to include news, feature, sports, editorial portraits,
and photo essays. Includes a study of layout design and the freelance market. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348
or ARTS 2356. 3 credit hours. 

PHTC 1353 Portraiture I 
Skill development in the photographic principles of portrait lighting, posing, and
subject rapport.
This is a foundation course in photographic portraiture. Assignments are designed
to provide both aesthetic challenges as well as comprehensive studio technique. All
students must participate in
class demos and stick close to prescribed procedures on assignments in order to maintain
studio privileges. There will be a mixture of color and black and white materials
used, with accent on studio time rather than darkroom or computer time. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348 or ARTS 2356.
3 credit hours. 

PortraitureBanner Moriah Garcia                                      Allen Lash                    
                                                                  Hayley Earnest

PHTC 1371 Book Design and Presentation 

Elements of structure and principles of designing two- and three-dimensional concepts
in the fiber forms of paper making and bookbinding. Lab required. 3 credit hours. Note: Students should expect additional supply costs. 


Book 2 oriental stab

PHTC 2331 Architectural Photography 
Study of the equipment, processes, and procedures necessary for the photography of
building exteriors and interiors, dusk/ night and night architectural landscapes,
and construction progress. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348 or ARTS 2356. 3 credit hours.

ArchitectureBanner Truong Ngo                              Jiafeng Lan                              
                                                                        Allen Lash

PHTC 2340 Photographic Studio Management 
In-depth study of photography business management, pricing, market analysis, promotion,
networking, job acquisition, and photographic equipment analysis. 3 credit hours.

PHTC 2342 Fashion Photography 
Skill development in fashion photography in terms of trends and techniques included
in studio and location work. Emphasizes model direction and lighting control. Lab required Prerequisite: PHTC 1353.
3 credit hours. 

Tianna SaulterTianna Saulter

PHTC 2343 Portfolio Development 
A culmination experience for the evaluation of the student’s photographic competencies.
Includes association with a professional photographic organization, skills in resume
creation, completion of portfolio, professional self-presentation, comprehensive exam,
and seminars in areas of photographic interest. Lab required. Prerequisite: Consent of Professor. 3 credit hours.

PHTC 2349 Digital Photography III 
Advanced concepts in the use of the computer and software for photographic manipulation
and output. Lab required. Prerequisite: PHTC 1300. 3 credit hours.

PHTC 2353 Portraiture II 
Advanced concepts in the study of principles of effective portraiture with specific
emphasis on
unique presentation and environmental and location studies. Lab required. Prerequisite: PHTC 1353.
3 credit hours. 

PHTC 2371 Video for Photographers 
This is a foundation course in professional video production for photographers, including
capture, editing, sound recording, color grading, and delivery. Lab required. Prerequisite: ARTS 2348.
3 credit hours. 

PHTC 2380 Academic Cooperative Education 

Career-related activities encountered in the student’s area of specialization offered
through an individualized agreement among the college, employer, and student. Under
the supervision of the college and the employer, the student combines classroom learning
with work experience. Includes a lecture component. Prerequisite: Consent of Associate Dean. 3 credit hours. (W) 

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