Physical Therapy Online Continuing Education

comprehensive physical therapy ceu courses with twenty five minutes a day of learning


Healthclick offers its self paced online courses throughout the world to licensed medical professionals. If you are located outside the U.S. and wish to purchase a course, please complete the international form for physical therapy ceu course license verification and attach it to a help ticket.

International Physical Therapy CEU Request

Physical Therapy Online Continuing Education

Why take fifteen different courses on fifteen various topics to meet your requirements? Our library of online PT CEU courses are comprehensive and created to take the learner through an extensive online learning experience. Seek out mastery level in your PT continuing education course investment with twenty-five minutes of online learning per day. Two to three online continuing education courses will meet most state licensing requirements.

Each physical therapy Online CEU Course’s design reflects our desire to deliver information that will inspire, engage and prepare you to provide better patient care. We build each class to contain the necessary information and practical laboratory session to advance your expertise and knowledge on the topic.

Our learning management system remembers where you left off in a course. The next time you access that course, you can start right where you left off. Our cutting edge technology makes PT CEUs fun and engaging. We make it easy to continue learning on a busy schedule.

All our physical therapy online continuing education courses are filmed with the latest film equipment by expert videographers, ensuring that you get the best view of a technique or lecture. We do not film live courses, so they are no unnecessary distractions, and our courses are not pre-recorded webinars.

The Responsible CME® technique – Increase your retention and competency with a self paced continuing education course by studying in 25 minute intervals over time.

Our continuing education course series are synergistic, with each topic building on the previous. The Responsible CME® technique increases your retention and competency with a continuing education topic by studying in 25-minute intervals over time.