Pink FlaminGo To Go — GUERRILLA FOOD

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently offering weekly meal delivery services only. Please note: all food comes cold, ready to reheat at home.


Address: 17740 Woodward Ave., Detroit (between 6 & 7 Mile) (Google Map Below).


SOUPS: (1 quart)

Cumin Pork Stew: shredded pork shoulder, cumin, toasted chiles and cilantro. Topped with pikliz (spicy pickled cabbage). DF/GF. $12.50

Red Cabbage Borscht: purple carrots, red cabbage, potatoes, kielbasa, dill and sour cream. Vegan option available! GF $12.50

Frozen Doenjang Jjigae: winter squash, leeks, oyster and maitake mushrooms with doenjang (Korean soybean paste) and optional brisket. GF/DF, contains soy. $10

Frozen White Bean Chicken Stew: roasted tomatoes and chipotles, creamy white beans, shredded chicken + bok choy. DF/GF. $10


Roasted Winter Squash Galette: with caramelized onions and feta. Contains dairy, wheat, eggs—V* $5/ea

Rice Balls: pre-rolled and ready to fry at home. Caramelized onions, herbs and spices. V/GF. (4 total) $5

Citrus & Beet Salad: cara cara and navel oranges, roasted beets, maple-candied nuts, optional feta V*/GF $6

Curry Chicken Empanada: flaky pastry stuffed with curry chicken and baked. allergens: wheat, eggs, dairy. $5

Smoky Beef or Roasted Pork Arepas: smoky braised beef or roasted pork, 2 arepas, black beans, roasted sweet potatoes + winter squash, jalapeno crema. GF/DF. $12

Jackfruit Arepas: pulled jackfruit, 2 arepas, with black beans, roasted sweet potatoes + winter squash, jalapeno crema. V/GF, contains soy $11

Quiche Lorraine: all-butter crust (can sub hashbrowns for GF), with shallots, smoked gouda and bacon. $4/slice; $18 whole


Olive Oil Cake: with cornmeal, spelt flour, and tart cherries, contains wheat, dairy and eggs $5

Strawberry Cheesecake Brownie Bar: brownie base topped with strawberry cheesecake. contains wheat, eggs, dairy $5

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Cookie: spiced pumpkin and oat cookie with Mindo chocolate. V/GF. $2


Hibiscus Tea. brewed with ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Unsweetened. $4/16 oz; $14/half gallon

Hibiscus Lemonade: hibiscus tea + cold-pressed lemons + cane sugar. $5/16 oz; $18/half gallon

Passionfruit Juice: filtered water, passionfruit puree + cane sugar $5/16 oz

V= vegan; GF= gluten-free; DF= dairy-free; V*= vegan option available

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