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For over 40 years, Pinnacle Peak steakhouse in Colton has been serving up steaks to multiple generations of loyal diners. This destination offers standard and satisfyingly hearty American meat dishes with fan favorites including the cowboy steak and the T-bone steak.

The restaurant has a casual, country-feeling atmosphere with friendly staff and a lively spirit. It’s a solid destination to enjoy a steak dinner — but be forewarned— it’s not a formal steak dinner. In fact, this establishment takes their casual steakhouse dining rule of “no tie wearing” very seriously. All neckties are quite literally cut straight from the necks of these rule-breakers and hung on the wall as a trophy, as an example for future tie-wearers to remove their formal attire.

This tradition was said to have begun when a difficult visitor in a suit years ago refused to remove his necktie and heed to the pre-acknowledged laid-back vibes of this restaurant — thus, it was forcibly removed.

Nowadays, the interior of the steakhouse is lined with a mass graveyard of unsuspecting (or audacious) diners’ neckties that hang from the rafters and decorate the interior of the place to create hanging curtains of mutilated formal wear.