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I've been here multiple times over the years and the restaurant is on a steady long term decline. My first visit there were patrons and staff and the atmosphere of a vibrant, kid friendly restaurant with some similar menu options with the co-owned Pier 19…and Sea Ranch. Since then, the only thing that has maintained the initial impression is the decor. I don't know if the patronage slowed because of the lower quality of service or if the lower quality of service kept patrons away. Maybe locals get their food to-go. Regardless, my most recent visit was nothing short of unacceptable. The server continuously forgot order details (drinks, food, you name it) even getting one of our party's order 100% wrong, not even close to what she ordered. They were out of the "souvenir" cups for their alcoholic and kids drinks, which is nice to save money not buying, but makes the place less appealing to kids, and the kid appeal is the only thing that brought me back through the door. They might as well forget handing out the drink menu all together because they don't have any of the described size cups. I ordered a 22oz beer and got a pint and have no idea if I was charged correctly, but I wasn't impressed. The sauce on the stuffed mushrooms was clearly old and dehydrated. The fried oysters were oily, indicating they were fried too long. My wife suspects her meal made her sick.
All around this place there signs of a once vibrant restaurant that is now in full decline and cutting costs to stay afloat on the way down. We observed staff more interested in socializing with select patrons and other staff than providing timely service, even while two babies were completely losing it in the course of a 2.5hour meal that shouldn't have gone very much beyond 1.25-1.5hours. The table behind us had to get rude with a staff member that wasn't assigned to them to even get their server to come back to their table.
The owners should either call a cable television restaurant makeover show or binge watch one to figure out where they've gone wrong. There was a weird guy in a dark blue suit, matching blue cabby cap, and sunglasses (indoors even though his future ain't bright) that gave off the strong vibe of a hapless owner looking for something to do and having no clue what that could possibly be.
I've seen several restaurants in this phase of decline and none of them came out of it. Time will tell if this one can buck the trend.