Plant-Based Nutrition

This revolutionary online certificate program will help you understand the importance of diet and nutrition for your life. Created by the Center for Nutrition Studies with over 20 experts (MDs, PhDs, RDs, RNs), the courses provide research and perspectives to emphasize why following a plant-based diet is optimal for health—including the prevention and management of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and autoimmune conditions.

Through three two-week online courses, you’ll have the opportunity to examine historic and contemporary research, learn the steps for practical application in your life, and be better prepared to engage in productive conversations with friends, colleagues, clients, or patients about the science behind plant-based nutrition. The foundation of the program is based on Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s lectures, experience and decades of research.

Over the course of his career, Dr. Campbell has participated in the development of national and international nutrition policy, authored 300+ research papers, and been awarded 70+ grant-years of peer-reviewed research funding. He co-authored the worldwide bestselling book The China Study and authored the New York Times bestsellers Whole and The Low-Carb Fraud, and The Future of Nutrition. Several documentaries feature his research, including Forks Over Knives, Eating You Alive, Food Matters, PlantPure Nation, Code Blue, and The Game Changers. Dr. Campbell continues to share evidence-based information on health and nutrition whenever given the opportunity and has delivered hundreds of lectures around the world.