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Airsoft conventions and shows are more product-focused airsoft events. They don’t normally revolve around playing airsoft as much as they are about showing off what is new in the world of airsoft gun technology. However, sometimes they can include a test range or a kill house where people can handle, fire, and test the newest airsoft guns. These shows and conventions include AirsoftCON, Airsoft Expo USA, and the SHOT Show.

AirsoftCON is a free airsoft convention hosted by Evike, the Ultimate Airsoft Retailer and Distributor. This show is located near Los Angeles in Southern California and is all about airsoft. Evike has a lot of connections in the airsoft industry, and they leverage that to make this event awesome. The highlights of AirsoftCON include the Evike airsoft store sale, keynote speakers, airsoft gun technical sessions, airsoft gear raffles, 2 versus 2 arena competitions, food, fun times, and more.

Airsoft Expo USA is another big free airsoft gathering also located in California. It is similar to AirsoftCON with dealer sales, airsoft retail booths, and giveaways. Airsoft Expo also features speakers on airsoft topics like training, team sponsorships, content creation, airsoft gun building, and other subjects. There are also competitions for sharpshooting, 3 versus 3 quick team death match games, and Nerf battles.

One of the biggest shows which airsoft stores, shops, and vendors can attend is the SHOT Show. This show is an attendee only event limited to firearms, shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry partners as well as military, law enforcement, and commercial buyers. It is normally hosted annually in Las Vegas, NV and attracts over 60,000 people. Vendors can register for a booth which costs as much as $40,000 USD and tickets to the show can cost hundreds. The SHOT Show is about everything related to firearms and guns including airsoft guns.