Poor Richard’s Restaurant Gluten-Free – Colorado Springs – 2022

When Poor Richards first started accommodating gluten free diets, I was told by the cashier every allergy concern went through a particular chef. I had no problem eating there at that time. At some point the staff stopped saying my order was going through the chef. Although I ordered from the gluten free menu and asked to have an allergy alert for gluten place on the order–I was sick for a week after I ate there. I didn’t go for years. Recently I went back twice. I ordered the same thing twice about a week apart. The first time I had a reaction. The second time I questioned several people and found out they warmed gluten free ingredients on the grill even though I asked the cashier to place an allergy alert on the order. You have to let them know they cannot use the grill. In an instance where I spoke to more than one person from the kitchen and insisted they not heat the chicken on the grill for the salad. I did not have a reaction. I don’t know if I will eat there again.