Portfolio Company Definition: 1k Samples | Law Insider

  • Affiliates of the Fund are indirect interest holders of the Portfolio Company.

  • If, in employee conversations, meetings or written communications with Portfolio Company management, employees are told (or have reason to believe) that the information employees have received is not public, employees should notify the CCO immediately.

  • The investment company in which the Fund invests, Man-Glenwood Lexington Associates Portfolio, LLC (the “Portfolio Company“) is making a simultaneous and identical offer to repurchase its interests, which is made available on the same terms to all the Portfolio Company‘s investors.

  • Portfolio Company Information Certain limitations on trading and other activities may result from employees of the Company receiving access to material, nonpublic information regarding the plans, earnings, operations or financial condition of issuers (“Portfolio Companies”).

  • These affiliates are not expected to tender in the Portfolio Company‘s repurchase offer through an unregistered fund (whose interests these affiliates hold) that also holds Portfolio Company interests.