Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. | 138 customers and 28 suppliers

Generally you can differentiate the supply chain or supply network of Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. by two perspectives:

  • The supplier side (a so-called Tier-1-supplier is a direct supplier, Tier-2 is a supplier of the Tier-1 supplier, Tier-n is a supplier at any level in the Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. supply network).
  • The buyer side (a so-called Tier-1 buyer is a direct buyer, Tier-2 is a buyer of the Tier-1 buyer, Tier-n is a buyer at any level in the Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. distribution network).

To ensure business stability and continuity, a supply chain or supply network must be constructed in such a way that external influences can cause as little damage as possible to Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd..
This applies both in the area of procurement (the loss of a supplier must be covered by an alternative supplier) as in the area of sales (the loss of a buyer must be covered by an alternative buyer).

Risks can generally be considered as the non-availability of goods, through cutback or complete halt of production, or the potential loss of business partners, violating compliance rules (e.g. protection of the environment, labor legislation) and thus drop out of the supply network.

This risk should not necessarily be limited to the direct business partner (Tier 1), it involves the entire supply chain, unless sufficient alternative suppliers and buyers have been put in place.

Get an overview of the international supply chain of Pouyuen Vietnam Co., Ltd. (upstream/procurement and downstream/sales) from Tier-1 to Tier-n

E.G.: Tier 1 supplier Pelangi ElasindoTier-1 Buyer Adidas Canada

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