Powder House Lodge | Dining | Black Hills

The Powder House Lodge & Restaurant no longer accepts reservations for parties of less than 6 people. Instead, we have migrated to a call-ahead program. You can simply call us 45 minutes before your anticipated dining time. We will then give you an estimated wait time and add you to the waitlist. Upon your arrival you should be towards the top of the list and have a short wait.

  • Please be aware that this is not reservation. You are simply calling ahead to join the waitlist. All times quoted are estimates and we cannot guarantee exact times.
  • We ask that you call 45 minutes before your anticipated dining time. If you call earlier, you may be instructed to call back closer to your expected dining time, as our system will purge your information.
  • Wait times vary. Historically our wait times average around that 45 minute time frame. However, please be aware that quoted wait times may be longer based on business volume and table availability. Please plan accordingly, and always leave your self extra time if you are trying to make an event or ceremony.

Call 605-666-4646
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