Powder House Restaurant Gluten-Free – Keystone – 2022

This has always been our go to breakfast location while visiting keystone. They always had full menu options for us. This year we found out some of their menu options changed limiting what we could get for breakfast. They no longer offer hashbrowns, just breakfast potatoes which are deep fried in a shared fryer. We can still get protein, meat and eggs but no other gf sides are available for breakfast.

The waitress was newer and had to ask alot of questions about what was safe. Prior visits (last 4 plus years), they seemed a lot more knowledgeable with their menu and gluten free options. The food was packed with flavor and more options, which is why we always looked forward to coming here.

Once our food came, it was very bland. No seasoning or flavor. The scrambled eggs tasted like they were powdered eggs, the Buffalo patty and trout were also very bland.. We’ve always loved coming here daily for our breakfast, unfortunately after our experience today, we will be looking for other options for breakfast.