Prerequisite and Co-Requisite Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Review the course description to make sure you understand what prerequisites and/or co-requisites are required for the course. The course description can be found in the UM Catalog and in Academic Planner “Plan my Schedule”. 
  2. Review your academic history and make sure you have the required passing grades and/or test scores for the prerequisites.  
  3. You can find your academic history on CyberBear in the Student Services tab. Click on “Prior Education and Testing” to see testing scores or “Student Records,” then “Academic Transcripts” to see all previous final grades. Test scores are also on the Profile page of Academic Planner. 
  4. If after reviewing the course description and your academic history, you feel you have met the prerequisite, email the override form to the instructor or department responsible for the course.
  5. If your form is reviewed and approved, once the override is entered, you will need to return to CyberBear to complete the course registration.

 A list of academic departments with location and contact information can be found on the Undergraduate Advising Center Website. 

If you receive a registration error message referencing major, class, capacity, or C/I (Consent of Instructor), you should email the instructor for a Registration Override. Include the course information, your full name, and your student ID. 

The professors or corresponding departments are responsible for these overrides, however if anyone has questions during process, the Registrar’s Office is here to answer questions. Email or call (406) 243-5600.