Price Comparison – Costco, Wild Fork, and Restaurant Depot

I live on Long Island and decided to do a little research project yesterday. I wanted to compare prices from three of my suppliers – Wild Fork, Costco, and Restaurant Depot. I used to own a wine bar/restaurant, so I keep up my membership at Depot.

I checked prices on 15 of the most common items that I usually buy which include ribs, pork butt, NY strip, ribeye, pork loin, brisket, and a few others. What I found was very interesting.

Costco – of the 15 items, they were round top, pork loin, and pork butt. They were equivalent with Wild Fork on brisket flat

Wild Fork – they were lowest on eye round and NY strip

Restaurant Depot – they were cheapest on short ribs, bottom round, boneless ribeye, and short ribs (3 bone)

Note: At Restaurant Depot you must buy in bulk, hence the name. So the minimums are usually in the 5-10 pound range. This means you are spending more money, but saving more as well.

I hope you guys find this informative.