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7Sage’s online LSAT prep course is delivered through illuminating HD videos, cheerful online flashcards, and lovingly crafted text lessons. We make you feel like you have a private tutor; you get to sit back in the comfort of your home, study at a time that fits in your schedule, and progress at a pace suitable for your learning style.

I sing its praises to friends and family!!

Sydney B.

7Sage is the absolute best LSAT teaching tool on the market … absolutely worth every cent.

Lori C.

I am grateful for 7Sage every day

Elizabeth P.

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7Sage LSAT is better and more affordable than others

Our mission at 7Sage is to create the absolute best online LSAT preparation course available, at a cost affordable for everyone. You see, we believe that unnecessary financial barriers prevent some of our country’s brightest minds from taking and excelling in the LSAT, and that’s bad for everyone. Costs for LSAT tutors go beyond $150/hr, and many courses are well into the four figures. This leaves a ton of smart, motivated people at a disadvantage because of their financial situations…until now. 7Sage wants to level the playing field in legal education, starting with the LSAT. We created an easy-to-understand, high-quality LSAT preparation course that is not only way more affordable than anything else out there, but also simply better. Just take a look at what some of our students have said:

I have tried Testmasters, Kaplan, Powerscore . . . So I know what I am talking about. No other LSAT preparation can hold a candle to this site.

Bonnie L.

Having tried several other prep companies, nothing has helped me more than 7Sage’s videos . . . they helped to correct a lot of mistakes the other guys spent a great deal of time instilling in me.

Jennifer G.

Wow! I have tried so many different LSAT prep techniques and a couple of courses as well as several of the bibles. 7[S]age has shown me more than any of them … I cannot believe the difference! Their insight and thoroughness is amazing!

Taylor D.

7Sage LSAT has everything you need to dominate the LSAT

We developed our LSAT course to be the most powerful and complete LSAT course available anywhere at any price. The curriculum was honed through teaching thousands of real students, in person and online. In addition to delivering the best value of any LSAT course available, our course includes over 50 hours of HD video lessons (split into over 400 bite-sized pieces), 95 real LSATs—each with hours of additional video explanations, and much more. It is the most effective online LSAT curriculum available today. With our online LSAT course, you will:

  • Learn our Fool Proof Method to get a perfect score on logic games.
  • Learn our Memory Method to crack the toughest nut – reading comprehension.
  • Learn our Blind Review Method to supercharge your study time.
  • Harness our powerful LSAT Analytics to uncover your LSAT strengths and weaknesses.

Many of our students have dramatically improved their LSAT performance using our curriculum:

[M]y reading comprehension completely flipped, whereas before I was maybe getting 2 [correct per passage], now I am only missing 2.

James B.

Now I average -2/-3 wrong on each LR section (I used to get -10)!

NotSomeKid (YouTube)

The way logic games is explained, in a couple of weeks, I went from getting half wrong (not finishing) to . . . maybe 1-2 wrong.

Jennifer G.See independent reviews of 7Sage from actual students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which subscription should I get?

12 Months Prepaid is the best value, and the absolute best way to study and maximize your LSAT score. It also includes the Admissions Course that teaches you how to make amazing law school applications. It does not auto-renew – if you want to continue, you can get another subscription after it expires and all your data will still be there.
Month By Month is the most flexible, and lets you easily start and stop your subscription from month to month. It renews every month until you cancel.

Which LSAT PrepTest explanations are included in paid subscriptions?

Paid subscriptions include instant video explanations for every question in every PrepTest released since 1996, and for many of the questions released before 1996 as well.

I am taking the LSAT soon. Do I have enough time for your course?

This one we get a lot and I always say, “You’re looking at it wrong.” The lessons are the accumulation of all our LSAT knowledge. It’s not about whether or not you have enough time to make use of the lessons. If you don’t, that’s not a reason to pass up on the lessons. It’s a reason to delay your test date.

How do I get the course materials?

Course materials are delivered online. You get video, flashcard, and text lessons. The PrepTests can be taken online with our digital tester, or printed out and taken offline.

Does 7Sage have a digital tester?

Yes, 7Sage has a custom-built digital tester that is fully integrated with our detailed analytics and our Blind Review method. You can use it with the PrepTests and problem sets in your course. You can also use it with any custom problem sets that you make from the question bank.

Can you simulate the new LSAT Flex format on 7Sage?

Yes, you can simulate LSAT Flex with any PrepTest on 7Sage.

Are printable LSAT PrepTests included with 7Sage materials?

Yes, printable PDFs of the PrepTests and problem sets are included.

Can you make custom problem sets?

Yes, 7Sage has a custom built problem set generator. You can easily make problem sets of different difficulties and question types and take them with the digital tester, or print them as PDFs.

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What are these 7Sage LSAT PrepTest Question Explanations?

These are full HD video explanations of each individual Logical reasoning (~50 per test), each reading comprehension passage (4 per test), and each logic game (4 per test). One of the most powerful ways to prepare for the LSAT is to obtain and take as many practice LSAT Prep Test exams as possible, and review each and every question you are unsure about or got wrong. This is part of our Blind Review method. These LSAT explanations allow you to do just that.

Why does your course cost so much less than everyone else’s?

At 7Sage, our mission is to liberate legal education – making it accessible to everyone. 7Sage will help you crush the LSAT and become a lawyer. Our students are proof that you don’t need big bucks to do well on the LSAT.  We leverage technology to make this happen, and we take pride in providing the most valuable LSAT course available anywhere, at the lowest price we know of.  The lower price does not mean lower value. Warren Buffett famously said: “Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”

What currency are the prices listed in?

All of the prices on 7Sage are listed in USD.

Will I be charged each month?

Month By Month subscriptions are charged each month from the start of the subscription. If you cancel in the middle of a subscription month, you will keep access until the end of that month.

12 Months Prepaid subscriptions are only charged one time when initially purchased.

What if I want to cancel or change my mind?

Month By Month subscriptions can be canceled at any time and are not refundable. You keep whatever time you already purchased. For example, if you sign up on May 21st and you decide that you want to cancel on June 2nd, you’ll still have access until June 20th.

12 Months Prepaid subscriptions can only be downgraded to a single month within 14 days of the initial purchase and are not fully refundable. For example, if you sign on March 10th, you can request a change of your subscription to just one month anytime before March 24th. You will receive a partial refund of the difference between 12 Month Prepaid and one month of Month by Month subscription. Once you have been refunded and downgraded to one month, your access will expire on April 9th. Note that if you wish to keep your course beyond the expiry date, you must actively enroll in Month by Month.

LSAC Prep Plus subscriptions are required by LSAC in order to use our course and are refundable only if they have not been activated.

I already have a 7Sage account, should I reuse it or make another one?

It is always best to reuse your existing account. This way your account information such as notes and progress will carry over. More importantly, having more than one 7Sage account will cause problems with linking to your Prep Plus account.

What does 7Sage mean?

Education has been and always will be the legacy that is passed from one generation to the next. We are both teachers and students. 7Sage is our model.

7Sage pulls from the ancient cultural archetypes in both East and West (7 Sages, or sages in general), representing old-world emphasis on knowledge, wisdom, and virtue. This means we are interested not only in what you learn, but how you learn it and why you want to learn it. On our side of the student-teacher interaction, we want to improve how we teach things as well as think about why we teach.

Aside from the weightiness and purity of the word “Sage,” the numerical assignment adds an element of technology and universality. It sounds appropriately fitting for an education-technology company. Together as one word, “7Sage” has a pleasant and interesting ring but it isn’t immediately transparent, other than the clean alignment with education. The reason for this opacity is that 7Sage is an operation that is nuanced and unique and will develop over time.

7Sage is an education social enterprise that provides great knowledge, instructs wisely (in an effective and scalable way), and does its work virtuously, instilling virtue in its students.