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Translation of “private limited company” in Chinese

Incorporated as a private limited company and embarked on commercial banking

注册为 私人有限公司 ,并开展商业银行业务

The legal form changes to a GmbH (private limited company). 1990

公司的法律形式变为GmbH( 私人有限公司 ) 。 1990

Should you start your business as a self-employed sole trader, or should you form a private limited company from the outset?

我们提供以下各方面的咨询,包含: 您应该以何种方式开始您的生意,个体经营者,或是 私人有限责任公司

A Hong Kong Private Limited Company must have a Registered Address in Hong Kong

全新香港公司注册程序 (香港 私人有限责任公司 注册流程)

It goes without saying that we are well capable of producing annual accounts for virtually any type of business – sole trader, partnership, private limited company and so on.

我们能为任何类型的企业和商家提供年度财务报告-包括个体经营商家, 合伙企业, 私营有限责任公司 等。 财务报告为商家带来的价值

We can help in deciding how the business should be set up (e.g. sole trader, Partnership or perhaps a Private Limited company).

我们可以帮助决定企业应该如何组建 (如应该选择个体经营, 合作伙伴或是 私营有限责任公司 ) 。

How much is the yearly maintenance fee of a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.)?

7) 每年维持一间 私人有限公司 (Sdn. Bhd.) 的开销是多少?

A private limited company need not have a company secretary.

私人有限公司 不要求有公司秘书。

When shall a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) prepared its audited report?

12) 私人有限公司 (Sdn. Bhd.) 几时要准备审计报告?

The information needed to register a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) are

成立 私人有限公司 (Sdn. Bhd.) 所需的资料为:

Can I determine the date of incorporation for a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.)?

9) 我是否可以决定 私人有限公司 (Sdn. Bhd.) 的成立日?

With a rapidly growing gardening industry and sound management, Garden Mart Centre was converted into a private limited company.

在拥有了坚实的产业链和专业的团队之后,Terra Garden从植物销售中心转型成 私人有限公司

The legal form of the company changes from OHG (general partnership) to GmbH (private limited company) + Co.

公司的法律形式由OHG(无限公司)改为GmbH ( 私人有限公司 ) + Co.

The Exchange is a private limited company wholly owned by the Government of the Cayman Islands.

交易所是一家 私人有限公司 ,由开曼群岛政府独家拥有。

The Austrian buyer ordered metal powder from a seller, a private limited company with its place of business in Hong Kong.

奥地利买方向卖方 – 一家营业地设在香港的 私人有限公司 – 订购金属粉末。

Steamlined the use of statutory declaration, making it simpler for private limited company to provide financial assistance

对法定声明的使用予以简化,从而更有利于 私人有限公司 提供财政资助。

Establishment in a form of joint venture, incorporation, private limited company; branches or subsidiaries not allowed.

设立形式为合资企业、公司、 私人有限公司 等;不许设立分公司或附属机构等。

A private limited company (the HK Company) was incorporated in Hong Kong in February 2000.

一家 私人有限公司 于2000年2月在香港注册成为法团(下称香港公司)。

If a private limited company wishes to raise capital, it can do so by issuing more shares “off market” (subject to the provisions in the articles of association) or increase its gearing by taking out loans.

如需筹集资金, 私人有限公司 可发行场外股份(依据公司组织章程规定)或通过贷款提高其资本充足率。

Can a private limited company (Sdn. Bhd.) shares hold by another company (e.g. holding company)?

10) 私人有限公司 (Sdn. Bhd.) 的股份是否可以被另外一间公司持有(如持股公司)?