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With many unique activities, animations, games, and tools, Math Snacks will help teach numbers, ratios, proportions, factoring, and pre-algebra. This is the perfect addition to elementary or middle school classrooms, in order to add extra fun in learning. It has been created with Common Core Standards and Mathematical Practices in mind to reinforce what is being taught in the classroom while also preparing kids for tests.


What Users Love About the App

“This site is engaging and has very thorough, user-friendly resources to help both teachers and students deepen understanding of proportional reasoning, and ratios. I hope that they develop other videos and resources.”

“I think Math Snacks is a good free resource to use in class. I thought the graphics and ideas were a great way to introduce students to the math concept to be explored. Moreover, activities following the video are excellent in engaging students towards experiential learning. In my opinion, math really makes the most sense when people, children or adults understand its practical, real-world effects and applications.”

“As an adult, I enjoyed all of these games and animations and I can honestly same the same for my students. I wholeheartedly recommend this site both as a resource and as a teaching tool. They have teaching guides and listed standards for each game and animation, but don’t feel restricted to only those which are officially at your grade level, as all activities are scaffolded and at the beginning, levels can definitely be used by grade levels below their official designation.”


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