Professional Writing Courses

The Department of English offers three writing courses for juniors and seniors majoring in a variety of technical, scientific, and management-oriented fields:

  • ENG 331 Communication for Engineering and Technology
  • ENG 332 Communication for Business and Management
  • ENG 333 Communication for Science and Research

These courses introduce students to the kinds of communication tasks they can expect to perform after graduation and in the workplace; instruction emphasizes the needs of various professional audiences, strategies of adapting organization and style to those needs, and ways of supplementing written communication with oral reports and visual aids. Since the rhetorical principles that form the basis for these three courses are similar, students are not permitted to receive credit for more than one of them.

For questions about curriculum, policy, or program-level issues, please contact:

Dr. Stacey Pigg, Director
Professional Writing Program
Tompkins 131-D
Fax 919-515-1836

Department of English
Box 8105
University of North Carolina
Raleigh, NC 27695-8105

For questions about student enrollment or course availability, please contact:

Samantha Fowler
Writing Programs Coordinator

Professional Writing Certificate

The Department also offers a Professional Writing Certificate (a non-degree program) for on-the-job professionals and for others interested in sharpening their written communication skills: Certificate in Professional Writing