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How to address family members in a formal email?

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5 years ago


I work at a large corporation that my father also happens to be employed at as well. I was not given this job as a form of nepotism, and have since advanced in rank and role above my peers outside of his shadow. We work in the same department of 10k+ employees however in different application teams. Occasionally in my current project, we will have a dependency on my father’s team which puts me in the uncomfortable spot of having to work with him alongside my peers for a week or two.

I get the impression from most people that they think it is neat when the two of us are working together, but I feel very self conscious about it especially when certain peers are not aware we are family. I wish to work with him with the respect of professionals, without being disrespectful as a son.

In email or verbal communication I typically address him by his first and last name but it feels terribly awkward and I am afraid others might see it that way as well. I don’t want to refer to him as “my father” because then I feel like that relationship in the forefront of the conversation is a giant distraction from the work that needs to be done.

Is there a proper etiquette to professional correspondence where the subject of conversation also happens to be a family member?

(Note: This working relationship is not in violation of any nepotism or ethics policies as neither of us directly report to each other.)