Program in Professional Writing | English at Illinois

Teaches students to apply principles of professional communication to the writing tasks typical of specific disciplines or professions. Assignments will vary, depending on the focus of the course, but will include a substantial report or project. Credit is not given for both BTW 263 and either BTW 250 or BTW 261.

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and completion of campus Composition I requirement.
This course satisfies the General Education Criteria for: Advanced Composition.

As a topics course, BTW 263 has multiple curricular options that are constantly expanding based on the skills and talents of our instructors and the needs of our students. Recent varieties include:

Global Business Communication

In this class, students investigate international cultures and businesses, learning to solve real problems that organizations face. With a strong focus on written communication, this course helps students to develop insights and business plans for businesses who want to expand their operations to international markets. First developed by Andrew Moss several years ago, Global Business Communication has attracted students interested in international business, students working in international scientific teams, and students planning on studying or working abroad. We’re excited to announce that Global Business Communication has been approved by the College of LAS and the General Education Board to be offered as its own course, BTW 280, starting spring 2022.

Writing a Web Presence 

In this course, students build a professional online web presence and familiarize themselves with social media management. At the core of this course are the principles of effective composition and writing, which students learn and apply to digital media genres. In addition to hands-on activities and practice with digital design and web development techniques, students create social media campaigns, write reports that visualize data, and analyze the diverse audiences that make up the internet. We have run this course many times as a 263 topics course, and we’re in the process of making it a permanent course. 

Game Writing & Design 

We were excited to launch this course in spring 2021. Designed by Lecturer in English Daniel Roche, Game Writing & Design teaches students to take their video game concepts from outline to launch in a single semester. Using Unity 3D game engine, students develop skills in the artistry of storytelling and world building. Students design an original game, and write proposals, game manuals, and instructional guides, learning principles of technical writing applicable across a range of contexts.