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The Huntington Approach to PSAT Prep

Huntington Learning Center has over 43 of years experience in preparing students for the demands of the PSAT including time-management skills, test-taking strategies, academic skills, and test content knowledge. Our PSAT test prep tutoring approach integrates individualized instruction from highly trained tutors with exam practice to comprehensively prepare high school students for the real tests.

At Huntington, we know that thoughts about college admissions in high school can be daunting to any freshman, sophomore, junior or senior. Although at times it can seem overwhelming, we strongly encourage all high school students to carve out time in their schedule to participate in PSAT test prep tutoring, because the advantages are vast when taken seriously:

  • PSAT scores are indicative of SAT performance. This gives students an opportunity to focus on areas of weakness to better prepare for the SAT. After taking a PSAT, students can access all of the questions on the test and assess their performance on a granular level.
  • PSAT scores can lead to scholarships. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation uses PSAT scores to consider candidates for their national merit program, which can be leveraged to secure additional scholarships.
  • PSAT scores can help students get into a good college. Statistically, students that take the PSAT score better on the actual SAT, a credential that is very important for college admissions.
  • PSAT test experience alleviates anxiety. For those who are not the best test-takers, taking PSAT prep tutoring can alleviate stress of the unknown, increasing chances of doing better on the next exam.

Our PSAT Prep Programs

At Huntington, we offer three programs to prepare students for the PSAT depending on academic needs and test goals: Premier, 32-hour and 14-hour. Each PSAT help program features individualized tutoring sessions at one of our local tutoring centers including homework assignments and at least one proctored interim exam to benchmark test performance and measure progress. All of our programs have proven success records. Students who participate in our PSAT prep programs will become better acquainted with the PSAT test, gain confidence in their test-taking skills, and achieve overall higher test scores.

Below outlines the features of each of our PSAT prep services. Please call us at 1-800-CAN-LEARN to help you decide which PSAT prep class will best meet the needs of you or your student.