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New York Giants


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Every Monday and Wednesday Nights O’Brien’s hosts Pub Quizzes. $150 in cash prizes, both nights. No Entry Fee! 

Monday Night, 8:30 pm Wednesday night 8pm. Wednesday night trivia was featured in the Wall street Journal,NPR and LA Magazine.

Home of the NY Giants Fan Club

O’Brien’s is home to the largest NY Giants watch group west of the Mississippi. We have such an exciting season to look forward to this year. If you are coming for a game get there early, its usually packed. Strict seating policies and minimum purchases enforced.  

We show all the UFC pay-per-view events, usually with no cover. we have a good following of loyal UFC fans, so the atmosphere for the fights is electric. It gets busy so get there early for seats. No under 21’s for UFC and minimum purchases are required. 

One upside to the pandemic, was our ability to add an outside space, this has added a new dimension to O’Brien’s also allows us enough space to have separate areas, for parties